The appointment of the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury was announced at Lambeth Palace of the Right Reverend Justin Welby, today.

2015年1月紐約時報專訪聖公會坎特伯里大主教 Justin Welby。問及他對北美聖公會教省的看法:

問:你認為(在2002年因公開同性戀的Gene Robinson獲選美國聖公會New Hampshire主教)脱離美國聖公會的北美聖公會教省是普世聖公宗的一部份嗎?
答: “北美聖公會絕對是遵行聖公會傳統的教會。它目前仍未被納入在普世聖公宗的正式架構內, 卻被全球許多教省的大主教確認為聖公會的一份子,所代表的教友人數相信佔普世聖公宗的大半數。而他們有許多好的事工。”

訪問談及社會貧富不均、巴黎恐佈襲撃、美國聖公會(Episcopal Church)和北美聖公會教省(Anglican Church in North America)、以及天主教教宗Pope Francis。 紐約時報網站的訪問全文

*聖公會坎特伯里大主教是英國聖公會的領袖,亦是普世聖公宗的精神領袖。現任坎特伯里大主教是 Justin Welby,於2013年2月上任。


In an interview with New York Times in January 2015, the Most Rev. Justin Welby was asked about the Province of Anglican Church in North America:

Q. Do you see the Anglican Church in North America, which broke away from the Episcopal Church after Bishop Robinson’s election, as part of the Anglican Communion?

A: ACNA is certainly a church of Anglican tradition. It is not currently part of the formal structures of the Anglican Communion. It’s recognized as a fellow Anglican church by many primates in the Anglican Communion, primates whose membership is probably more than half the Anglican Communion. And they’re doing a lot of good work.

During the interview, he spoke about income inequality, the recent terrorists attacks in Paris, divisions in the Church of England, The Episcopal Church, the Anglican Church in North America, and Pope Francis. Here is the full text of the interview posted on New York Times’ website.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is the senior bishop and principal leader of the Church of England, the symbolic head of the worldwide Anglican Communion. The current archbishop is Justin Welby since February 2013.

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